Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to my wood world.

So the new year brings with it my attempt at blogging. My daughter (computer literate) is teaching me (not computer literate) how to go about this. I know I'll be slow out the gate. So my idea with this blog is to have a showcase for whatever craft idea comes up. My latest creations are made from recycling wood from various sources. My first recycled project was the making of a character I named my "Garden People". The "About Me" section shows a picture of three girls I made for a Grandmother to give her grand-daughters. The word is she loves them. I have made several of these pieces now and I challenge myself to give each a recongnizable feature like style of hair and color to try and personalize it. The tools needed to create these are pretty simple. Great fun and I will continue with these as the faces make you smile. Ahhhhh...but now I have a scroll saw which provides greater detail so I've shifted to animals. Here are some examples. Sure is fun and I think they look good. Let me know if you agree (or not). All comments welcome. Thanks and try to stay dry!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My new blogging adventure

Starting a new blog today...figuring it all out as I go along.